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What is PURPLE Crying?

The first year of motherhood was one of the toughest things I have been through. My daughter was a baby who cried, and she cried HARD, and for LONG periods of time. Looking back 4.5 years ago, I WISH someone

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The Time Change- Fall Back

Sharing tips for the time change Ah, the dreaded time change or at least many parents around the world feel this way. Allow me to ease your fears and calm your hearts. Yes, time change IS frustrating, however, you probably

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I’m so happy you have made your way over here! It is my goal to help educate parents just like you! I have made it my mission to provide sleep education and to help you and your little one sleep well. I’ve been in the darkness of sleep deprivation, and know how hard it is to function on so little sleep. As a now rested mom, I would LOVE to help you sleep again. It’s just a matter of when!

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